Speciality Dishes

Don't like to do dishes after. Allow us to introduce you to out easy takeout curry options. Dip in your roti or rice and enjoy meals on the go.

Roti wrap

As the name suggests, roti wraps are big fat Indian version of a Burrito. Choose your curry and fill your roti. This is as easy as it gets.


Fresh cooked basmati rice accompanied with your choice of curry, this carryout option make you wanting MORE! all day everyday.

9 Spices Biryani

The best in town, ands we mean it. Try our slow cooked biryani options for a mouthwatering experience.


Choose from an array of beverages. It's summer or winter, we have you covered. From cold mango lassi to hot masala chai, we have it all.


Try our home made appetisers to set pace to a fantastic lunch or dinner.